Many of the existing industrial hoses do not meet the requirements when it comes to vacuum pressure, for example, when it is necessary to transport the liquid. Then comes the time of the suction and transport hoses REHAU RAUSPIRAFLEX. RAUSPIRAFLEX hoses are offered for absorption and transportation by technical means, in the conditions of vacuum formation.
The RAUSPIRAFLEX program covers special types of hoses with thick or thin walls. Characteristic for all hoses is a spiral reinforcement made in a polymer, solid PVC or in a steel wire. The reinforcement provides resistance to vacuum action, without loss of flexibility or ease of installation. This group of hoses can find application in a wide range of fields: agriculture, agricultural machinery, swimming pools, ponds, woodworking industry, etc.
If you need hoses that are used with high pressure, we offer you industrial hoses RAUFILAM. They are perfectly able to cope with high loads.
For the transportation of drinking water, we offer you a separate direction of hoses RAUAQUA.
Verified and yet up-to-date, reliable and exclusive, durable and yet elegant: the best way to characterize the garden hoses of the QUATROFLEX category. Wear-resistant hoses with high-quality reinforcement provide a high degree of elasticity, flexibility and stability of the mold. In this case, even in extreme conditions of operation, hoses do not lose their ability to withstand high pressure.
Our silicone hoses are used where there is a need for cleanliness and order, thanks to their properties, they perfectly cope with the functions placed on them.

Our company offers a wide range of industrial sleeves manufactured by REHAU. The choice of this supplier is not accidental because REHAU is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial hoses (hoses) in the world. All products supplied to European countries and Ukraine are made exclusively in Germany, each meter of industrial sleeves undergoes a multi-level check, thus guaranteeing high quality. REHAU company produces industrial sleeves for food, petroleum refining, metallurgical, agricultural, mining industry, etc. REHAU industrial hoses are used in factories, production plants, warehouses, offices, ships, oil platforms, etc. The products of the company are bought by leading world concerns, manufacturers of machinery are known all over the world.


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