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We strive to represent reliability,

remaining a reliable partner in the future.

Lubrication equipment

Quality - Safety - Flexibility.
For many years, our lubricant products guarantee reliable maintenance and maintenance of high quality machines and equipment. Even in our time, the malfunction caused by un-greased or improperly lubricated equipment can cost millions. In order to keep your equipment in constant motion, we can offer a wide range of lubricating nipples in addition to the lubricant and accessories for all applications.
We know for sure how important good tools are for effective work, and we will gladly advise you at any time. Our goal is to find the best solution for each lubrication problem using our huge standard assortment, or even using the products we develop with your company.
Speed ​​matters! That is why most of our products are constantly available to you in stock. We acquire our high-quality lubrication technology exclusively in Germany. Established quality assured here by highly qualified modern production facilities, certified quality management system and innovative product management.

Tristarinvest is the official distributor products are 

manufactures PERMA-TEC (Germany) and UMETA (Germany), ones of the leaders in the field of lubrication equipment.



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