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We strive to represent reliability,

remaining a reliable partner in the future.


The main priorities of Tristarinvest TH PE are based on the quality of service and customer satisfaction.

In the development of business relations, we focus on:
- decency in business relations;
- stability in work processes;
- operational work in all directions of activity;
- flexible pricing policy;

Each year, the company is rapidly developing, covering all new sectors of the market, expanding its range.
Products and services.
To date, Tristarinvest TH PE represents a wide market in the Ukrainian market
An assortment of products for industrial use, which is used in various spheres of the economy. The products are represented by domestic and foreign manufacturers. During our work, our company earned a reputation as a competent and reliable partner.

It has been appreciated by more than 500 companies and enterprises in different regions of Ukraine. Among them are large industrial enterprises, automobile factories, manufacturers of auto parts, agricultural machinery, road construction machinery, food industry, communal services, wholesale and retail trade, construction organizations and private entrepreneurs.
We are constantly striving to expand the range of products offered, by studying the daily demand of our customers. Becoming our customers, you make sure that the main task is the prompt execution of any order, whether for the store or for the factory. We achieve this at the expense of constant presence in stock of all necessary range of the product we offer (if you need any unique spare parts, we will immediately include them in the order for the next delivery).

We strive to represent reliability, remaining a reliable partner in the future.



PBX: +380 (52) 227 8405


Sales department:

+380 50 4878 050

+380 50 4878 051

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Monday - Thursday: 09.00 - 16.30

Friday: 09.00 - 15.00

13-G Volkova Street




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