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All of our Grease Nipple Caps are made from a strong LDPE Plastic and are produced as a durable, long-term solution for the covering or protection of the Grease Nipple. As a simple to use and fit product these are essential for any grease applicator, covering the end tip to prevent overflowing or leakage of whatever substance is inside. These Caps are most commonly used to prevent the ingress of dirt and dust, however they can be employed for a range of uses.

Retaining rings

Retaining rings are external for fixing parts on the shaft and internal for mounting mechanisms in the hole. The locking rings are manufactured according to GOST 13940-86, GOST 13942-86, DIN 471- for fixation on the shaft. GOST 13941-86, GOST 13943-86, DIN 472 - for fixation in the opening.


High-quality European and Ukrainian fasteners are used in many areas of industry. We offer fasteners for machine building, for furniture production, for automotive industry, for business needs.

Lubrication equipment

Our lubricant products guarantee reliable maintenance and maintenance of high quality machines and equipment. Even in our time, the malfunction caused by non-greasy or improperly lubricated equipment can cost millions. In order to keep your equipment in constant motion, we can offer a large assortment of press oils, lubricants, tools, syringes and accessories to them, for all applications.

Industrial hoses

Many of the existing industrial hoses do not meet the requirements when it comes to vacuum pressure, for example, when it is necessary to transport the liquid. Then comes the time of REHAU suction and transport hoses. REHAU hoses are offered for absorption and transportation by technical means, in conditions of vacuum and pressure generation.

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Tel: +380 (522) 27 85 80
Fax: +380 (522) 56 36 97
Sales department:
+380 50 487 80 50
+380 50 487 80 51

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