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Grease Nipple Caps

All of our Grease Nipple Caps are made from a strong LDPE Plastic and are produced as a durable, long-term solution for the covering or protection of the Grease Nipple. As a simple to use and fit product these are essential for any grease applicator, covering the end tip to prevent overflowing or leakage of whatever substance is inside. These Caps are most commonly used to prevent the ingress of dirt and dust, however they can be employed for a range of uses.

We stock these Grease Nipple Caps in 6mm variants, these easily fit over the end of most Grease fittings/applicators and are a long lasting solution. For all available product sizes or to request a free sample, please see the product table below.

Our company has the ability to supply products around the world in large volumes. We will be glad to cooperate with wholesale customers on individual terms and prices.

For detailed information, please contact:

Grease Nipple Caps
Grease Nipple Caps red
Grease Nipple Caps Yellow
Grease Nipple Caps black
Grease Nipple Caps
Grease Nipple Caps
Grease Nipple Caps
Grease Nipple Caps
Grease Nipple Caps

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